February 23, 2011

Grammys: Worst Dressed AKA What Were They Thinking?

The Grammys is a night for celebrities to where designer clothes and look totally glamerous. Oh wait, that is every night for celebrities...But wearing a fantastic designer, doesn't always mean your outfit will be a show stopper. These celebrities, though i usually adore their outfits, didn't exactly achieve the goal of getting on the best dressed list, but instead ended up on the worst dressed.
 Amber Riley
I absolutely adored her dress to the SAG awards and love her outfits on Glee, but this dress (Ema Savahl)l...not so much. I think the painted on( yes that says painted on) detailing is too much and very overpowering. The detailing is also very abnormal and doesn't compliment her. The necklace cuts off her neck and make it look like she has none! I am also not a fan of her hair, just because the curls are weirdly shaped and make her head look very square. I thought her makeup was very classy though and i liked the simple black pumps. 
Miley Cyrus
Miley oh Miley...what have you done. I thought this outfit was a bit of a disaster. She tryed to fit too much into one outfit which doesn't work here. The accesories are too much with the heavily patterned dress (made by Roberto Cavalli). There was also a bit of a wardrobe malfunction going on when she was talking to Ryan Seacrest. I think that if the dress was taken in a little, she wore way less bracelets, and took out her extensions then she would have a good outfit. 

Kim Kardashian
Usually Kim can pull off the overly sexy sparkly look, but tonight I was not loving (though I have to admit, I usually am not). This dress (Kaufman Franco) did not compliment her figure and made her look a little "hoochy". The silhouette is far to revealing and the bright gold sparkles are very overwhelming. I thought her hair and makeup looked amazing, but her dress was just too much...errr too little. 

In the next part of my Grammy analysis I will be talking about the people who seemed to be arriving for a costume party and not an award show. Surprisingly, there was a heck of a lot of people who seemed to think that Grammys is a synonym for Halloween. Stay tuned and stay ForeverStyleStruck!

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