February 24, 2011

Grammys: Is This a Halloween Party or an Award Show?

We saw a lot of costume style outfits on the red carpet this year. Sometimes costume outfits can look chic and really cute! But this year it seemed that those aspects of costume were for the most part lost.
Most people thought Rhianna looked absolutely amazing. I love the shape of this dress by Jean Paul Gaultier, but the dress was way too revealing. Rhianna can pull off almost anything but not this. I wouldn't put this dress on the worst dress list, but it wouldn't be on my best dressed list either. I hope Rhianna keeps taking risks with her style, but taking risks doesn't mean dressing risqué. 
 Katy Perry
I usually adore Katy Perry's costume like clothing, but tonight was an exception. I felt this was not fancy enough for the Grammys. The bedazzled bra looked very awkward and didn't work very well. The wings were cute, but they didn't feel chic, they felt tacky. 
 Nicki Minaj
Nicki went a little too far with this outfit. I love the leopard trend, but head to toe (literally) leopard can get a little over whelming. I would have liked it more if there was some break in the leopard, possibly the legs or the arms. I thought her hair was really cool, but with the overpowering outfit it was way over the top! 
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is always wearing crazy outfits. So it was no surprise when she arrived in a full out crazy way. Honestly, I wasn't impressed by her entrance. I love when Lady Gaga uses every day things and makes them into crazy outfits. But, since she was in the egg we couldn't see her. I thought the egg was a great statement for her new single "Born This Way" but it wasn't a fashion statement. During her performance she emerged in a plastic looking two piece outfit. This outfit just freaked me out a little. I know she was trying to look different and kind of alien like, but it was scary. I just found myself staring at her elbows and wondering what they did to make them that way. I loved the message of her outfits, but wasn't a fan of the actual fashion aspect of them. 

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