June 23, 2011

Hot Summer Trend: Crop Tops

Crop tops are one of my favorite summer trends. There are so many different types of crop tops, and so many different ways to wear them!

Here are some of my favorites that I found online:
This one is great because it is so different! It also incorporates two trends: Crop tops, and Fringe. The bright color is perfect for summer and the beach!

This crop top is very nautical inspired and would look amazing with red shorts! This is also a great example of a DIY! You can take any t-shirt you have and tie it in the front, and give it a fresh new cropped look!

This crop top is great for a fancier look. Of course, you shouldn't be wearing a crop top to a black tie event, but it would look great paired with nice shorts or a skirt for night out. 

This crop top is much girlier than the others. The neck line is very beautiful and unique. This inspiration from the beach makes it wonderful for summer! 

This crop top is great because of the nice floral pattern. It is also quarter sleeve, which is a nice change from the average short sleeve/tank top styled crop tops. 

This last crop top is very delicate. This follows both the lace and the crop top trend. I love lace and crochet crop tops because you can pair them with either bright tank tops or they look good with nude tank tops. 

There are many ways to wear crop tops too!

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear them:
  1. High-Waisted Shorts/Pants: This is probably my favorite way to wear crop tops. With high-waisted shorts/pants, you don't necessarily have to wear a tank top under the crop top, which personally, I think  without a tank top the crop top looks a lot better. High-waisted shorts/pants are also a huge trend and very chic. 
  2. Regular Shorts: When you wear regular shorts, I would advise that you wear a tank top with regular shorts. Without a tank top, you will most likely be showing a lot of skin, which isn't the best unless you are going to the beach.
  3. High-Waisted Skirt: When wearing a high-waisted skirt with a crop top, you have to choose both very carefully. I think it is best to have either the top or the skirt be a very neutral color, and have the other be bright. This will even out the outfit, and it will look much more polished. If you want your whole outfit to be bright or neutral, make sure one piece is patterned. A nice pattern for the look is floral. 

How to Make Your Own Crop Top: 
  1. Find a flowing t-shirt, possibly oversized. Find one that you think will still look good as a crop top.
  2. Lay out the shirt so that it doesn't have any wrinkles.
  3. Make sure you know how short you want your top to be
  4. Take a rotary cutter and the cut in a straight line at the length you want your top to be
  5. If you want your t-shirt to have a lower neckline make a slit down the middle front of the neckline. Also make slits wear you want the neckline to open up in the front. Then connect the slits to make the front of the neckline lower. The back of the neckline should also be cut in the same way, but you should not cut the neckline as low as the front of the neckline. 

I hope everyone gets a chance to try out this trend! It is so fun, chic, and perfect for summer!